About the project
Project Description
Solutions Journalism will benefit all citizens of Kazakhstan by providing them with objective and fact-based media coverage of the most entrenched issues in the economy, climate change, and energy matters.

The project will be valuable for freelancers, bloggers, journalists, and media resources. They will gain new knowledge, and the results of their work will become more prominent. Overall, the project will contribute to the development of truly independent journalism in the media. 

Solutions Journalism will also be useful for local executive and central government bodies, which can benefit from the solutions developed by journalists. 

Additionally, materials in the genre of "Solutions Journalism" will be valuable for research centers and scholars working on the topics covered in the articles. These materials will make their efforts to address existing issues more practical and help find more effective solutions. 

Companies employing innovative approaches in their respective fields will also benefit from the work of project participants, as their practices will receive high recognition from a broader audience and contribute to the sustainability of their businesses.