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For Journalists
If you wish to participate in the project, there are several requirements to keep in mind:

- You must have at least 3 years of experience in journalism, freelance work, or blogging. 

- Experience in investigative journalism is desirable. 

- You should understand the concept of Solutions Journalism and its goals and objectives. 

- You must comprehend and align with the goals and objectives of the "Solutions Journalism Lab" project. 

- You should be prepared to approach training responsibly and take your project-related responsibilities seriously. 

- You should have the ability and willingness to strictly adhere to the project's work schedule. 

If you are confident that you want to become one of Kazakhstan's first journalists specializing in Solutions Journalism, please submit your application by filling out the questionnaire. 

What does working in the genre of "Solutions Journalism" offer to journalists?

Professional Enhancement: Working on materials in the genre of "Solutions Journalism" contributes to improving a journalist's reputation as a professional who not only identifies problems but also helps find ways to solve them. 

A Constant Source of Interesting Content: Investigations about solutions and successes provide a continuous flow of interesting and inspiring materials, which can attract a larger audience. 

Community Support: Working in the genre of "Solutions Journalism" can help strengthen ties within the community, as it addresses topics that are important to many people. This can contribute to building trust with the audience. 

Development of Reporting Skills: Within this methodology, journalists learn to conduct deeper analysis and identify causes and consequences, which can help them become more successful in reporting. 

Involvement in Positive Change: Journalists working in the field of "Solutions Journalism" can be active participants in positive societal changes, contributing to increased awareness of successful projects and solutions. 

Attracting Sponsors and Funds: Publishing materials about problem solutions can attract the attention of sponsors and charitable foundations, which can be beneficial for financing future projects and research. 

Overall, working in the genre of "Solutions Journalism" provides journalists with the opportunity not only to highlight problems but also to actively participate in the search for and dissemination of solutions, making their work more significant and influential.