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International Foundation for Protection of Freedom of Speech "Adil Soz" Launches the "Solutions Journalism Lab" Project

The International Foundation for  Protection of Freedom of Speech "Adil Soz" is pleased to announce the launch of the "Solutions Journalism Lab" project. This project is aimed at seeking and popularizing solutions to existing societal issues that contribute to positive changes in Kazakhstan and beyond. 

The "Solutions Journalism Lab" will create a "safe zone" for at least 50 journalists selected to participate in the project. These journalists will receive technical, financial, legal and mentorship support. Special attention will be given to regional Kazakh-speaking journalists to help them produce deeper and more serious reports. 

Project Objectives: The "Solutions Journalism Lab" project aims to encourage objective coverage of important topics such as transparency in the use of public funds, investigative journalism in the fields of the economy, and climate change. Experience has shown that such reports stimulate governments and local authorities to take practical action, not just theoretic. This also contributes to the development of Kazakhstani media, attracting more readers and viewers. 

Project Features: 

Training: Webinars and educational materials will be provided for all team members, experts, and journalists participating in the project. Experienced mentors will work with project participants to help them create informative and engaging articles in the genre of "Solutions journalism". 

Publications: Works created in the genre of solutions journalism will be published in the media. These materials will be accessible to a wide audience and will contribute to the improvement of the areas covered in the articles. 

Collaboration:  Freelancers, bloggers, and influencers will also have the opportunity to participate in the project, especially if they have an established audience. 

Benefits for Society: "Solutions Journalism" will benefit all citizens of Kazakhstan by providing them with objective and fact-based media coverage of deeply rooted problems in the economy, climate change, and energy matters. The results of the project participants' work can also be utilized by companies employing innovative approaches in their respective fields, as their practices will be highly valued by a wider audience and will contribute to the sustainability of their businesses. 

The "Solutions Journalism Lab" project promises to be a significant milestone in the development of free and responsible journalism in Kazakhstan. We invite everyone interested to participate and make our world a better place through solutions journalism. 

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The "Solutions Journalism Lab" project is your chance to prove that journalism is still the fourth estate