What is Solutions Journalism?
Solutions Journalism is a genre of journalism. Essentially, it resembles investigative journalism, but its primary distinction lies in its peaceful, constructive focus, oriented toward finding and presenting practical solutions to contemporary problems and challenges. Instead of merely reporting on acute issues, journalists working in the field of Solutions Journalism explore successful strategies, programs, and initiatives that help identify effective and efficient solutions.

Articles or stories may vary in form, but they share common traits. They identify the essence of the problem, propose ways to address it, and vividly demonstrate how and why these solutions work (or don't work). 

Solutions Journalism enable society to recognize real opportunities and respond more effectively to emerging issues. It aids in disseminating valuable experiences and engaging citizens actively in resolving their own concerns. Moreover, Solutions Journalism assists decision-makers in making appropriate, informed, and effective decisions. 

Key principles of Solutions Journalism: 

Balance: Solutions Journalism strives to strike a balance between describing a problem and potential solutions. This allows viewers and readers to gain a comprehensive understanding of complex issues. 

Evidence of Effectiveness: A vital aspect of Solutions Journalism involves analyzing the effectiveness of the presented solutions. Journalists investigate which methods and strategies work in practice. 

Community Engagement: Solutions Journalism actively involves the community in discussions about problems and possible solutions. This promotes increased civic engagement, awareness, and collaborative problem-solving. 

Why is it important? 

Solutions Journalism helps combat "information fatigue" and the sense of hopelessness that can arise from a constant focus on issues. This genre inspires and motivates individuals, offering them hope and concrete avenues for improving their situations. Furthermore, it transforms viewers and readers from passive critics into active participants in society. 

Our Laboratory
The "Solutions Journalism Lab" will establish a "safe zone" for a minimum of 50 journalists who will be selected to participate in the project. They will receive technical, financial, legal, and mentoring support as needed. Special attention will be given to regional Kazakh-language journalists to help them delve even deeper and produce more serious reporting. The project aims to publish a minimum of 60 works in the genre of "Solutions Journalism."

This initiative will contribute to Kazakhstan's information security by promoting objective coverage of important topics such as the transparency of government spending, journalistic investigations in the fields of economics and climate change. As practice has shown, such reports compel the government and local authorities to improve their performance in these areas, not just in words but in action. It will also contribute to the promotion and development of Kazakhstani media by attracting a growing readership and viewership. 

All team members, invited experts, and participating journalists will receive training in religious, ethnic, cultural, and linguistic tolerance. All potential publications will undergo additional legal and linguistic analysis. 

The "Solutions Journalism Lab" will collaborate with a minimum of 10 independent media editorial offices. Freelancers, bloggers, and influencers are also welcome to participate in the project, especially if they have an established audience of their own. 

The "Solutions Journalism Lab" is dedicated to finding and popularizing solutions that make the world a better place. We invite you to join us on this exciting journey where journalism becomes a powerful tool for positive change.